Rekindle your love life with some handy Vaastu tips

Vaastu Shastra as a science has a strong impact on all aspects of human life. Relationship is one such aspect which can be improved by applying the principles of this science.

There is a sea change in stress and other factors causing stress like traffic, pollution etc. These factors time and again affect our relationships. In such a situation it becomes all the more important to work towards relations, rather than allowing all the stress being transferred to these relations. Every interaction on a day to day basis can be termed as a relationship. One of the very special relations in all these is between couples. With time, this relation tends to lose its charisma and gets dull. Following are some factors which help in improving relationship between couples

  • Location – The ideal location for a master bedroom is the South West of the property. This zone is ruled by the element Earth, which is considered to be the most stable element. Therefore, a bedroom located here works towards building stability in an individual as well as relation.

  • Bed – One must try and always sleep with head towards the South, this not only helps in a good quality sleep but complete physical and mental relaxation. South direction also has the ability to heal minor health issues in a short span of time. One must avoid box beds or storage beds for a couple as this blocks energies and thus leading to disturbed sleep patterns. One must also have a single new mattress as two single mattress leads to distance between the couple.

  • Colours – Every colour has a certain significance to it with respect to the emotions. In case of a couple to enhance love and passion, one must use subtle shades of red and pink, and this can be done by various means. It is never recommended to overdo these shades as an excess of these shades may lead to aggression and anger.

  • Electronics – As a rule one must always avoid placing television, computers or any kind of electronic gadget within a bedroom. Primarily these emit electromagnetic radiations and it is definitely not recommended to sleep in an EMF zone for obvious reasons. Secondarily, they also create a communication gap between two individuals. This definitely doesn’t help when one is trying to enhance a relation.

  • Pictures – It is suggested to place pictures depicting love, romance and togetherness in a couple’s room. This helps in strengthening relationships and thus providing stability. One may also place pictures of couple together with happy memories. This helps in reliving memories and brings back joy.

  • Mirror – One must avoid having a mirror in the bedroom such that the bed is being reflected in the mirror directly. One being reflected while sleeping leads to bad sleep quality. This results in lethargy.

As contributed by :

Dr. Padmaja Yadav, PhD (Vaastu)

Dubai, UAE

Many of us believe in this ancient science and follow it religiously. Before going into further details let us first get an insight about Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu is an ancient science of directions. Vaastu-Shastra (literally, science of dwelling) are ancient Sanskrit manuals of architecture. They bring positive energy to the environment. So before buying a property one must take few things into consideration to ensure a happy living.

  • When buying a flat you must refrain from buying a gloomy looking home that has a sad ambience. You should invest in those flats which gives you a positive vibe or a happy feeling on entering it.

  • While looking for a home, ensure that you do not purchase a flat that is located opposite to crossroads or even at turning points. Avoid all lands opposite to a T or Y intersections. This is considered highly inauspicious by the Vastu Shastris.

  • Inquire about the habitant of the area as it is advisable to stay in a flat where happy people have lived. Avoid plots which is next to a bridge and has cracks or hard rocks.

  • The plots with their southeast parts high may bring in wealth to its residents. Likewise, a plot with a southeast slope will lead to a loss of wealth and the plots with their south side higher than the rest of the sides will ensure good health to its residents.

  • If your house is facing the southwest, if there is an elder member of your family living in the northeast portion of the house or if there is a tall tree in the north-eastern side of the house, blocking the light of the rising sun from reaching your house then, there are chances of some monetary losses in your house.

  • Avoid any plot that might be at the dead-end of a path. Such plots keep on accumulating the highly negative energy, which then exhibits negativity in the form of chronic illness of its occupants.

Once you shift to your new home, for a blessed living you must follow the following tips :

  • To trace you easily, it is advisable to have name plate outside your door.

  • Burn Fire lamps and sticks in your house at least twice a day. As it is believed that fire is a powerful cosmic cleanser.

  • It is better to have kitchen in south east corner of your house or at least you can place the gas stove in this direction.

  • For that positive energy, you can place a bowl of salt in corners of your house. Salt absorbs negative energy.

  • Never keep medicines in kitchen as it tends to attract negative energy.

  • Place lemon in a bowl and change it every week.

  • Remove all mirrors from the bedroom as it is said to cause ill health and discord in the family.

  • Certain posters like that of an owl, a sinking ship, crying woman should be removed, as they are considered to be inauspicious.

  • To break the negative energy patterns and help the inflow of positive energy, hang a metal bell at your gate.

To ensure you a blessed living, we at PurpleHomes.Com provide you a Vaastu expert, Dr. Padmaja Yadav. Well equipped with the ‘science of architecture’ Dr. Padmaja will opine you the right way. A PhD in Vaastu Shastra, Dr. Padmaja Yadav has always believed in Vaastu and her belief got firmed over the years when she herself experienced changes in her life due to this science.

Her curiosity towards this subject led her to do a lot of research and analysis. She has successfully catered to the needs of clients living in different parts of the world. And has completed projects for both residential and commercial spaces.

Every project that she undertakes is with a complete faith in Vaastu. Her strengths include positive temperament and energetic personality and an innate ability to connect with people easily. She works with people at a relaxed pace and offers very simple solutions to their issues. She has conducted workshops and seminars in India, Singapore, Doha, Hong Kong, Muscat, London and Dubai. Apart from this she has also presented talk shows on radio in Dubai. And adding more feathers to her cap Dr. Padmaja has also written articles for some reputed newspapers and magazines in India and Dubai.

For all your queries, please feel free to speak to her.

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Dr. Padmaja Yadav, PhD (Vaastu)

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